Tuesday, August 2, 2011

other people think about the costs, too (on Get Rich Slowly)

Tracy showed me this fun post last month on Get Rich Slowly about the Costs and Savings of Bicycle Commuting.  The author does the calculation comparing his/her bike costs/mile to the average costs/mile reported by AAA for car use.  The author saved at close to $1,000, and that's even after figuring in the purchase of a $700 bike.  Not bad.

It's probably time to recalculate our annual transportation expenses again (though I'm not sure how to count our temporary car situation).  I think our expenses have gone down a bit--we haven't had many big bike repair jobs (I can do the basic maintenance), though we continue to have to buy helmets and lights from time to time.  We spend a fair bit on Zipcar, but that varies a lot according to the season.

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