Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Tally: How I Got Around Last Week

So, we've been without a car for almost a year now.  I still need to go figure out how this all worked out financially, but I've been meaning to start keeping track of how I get around from place to place over the course of a week.  Last week, I finally did it.  I might keep this up for a little while longer, just out of curiosity, though summer vacation is a lot different from the rest of the year.

So, last week, here's how I got around:

walking:  3.5 miles   (walking the dog and getting my son from school gives me 3.5-4 miles a day on foot)
bike:  7 miles

walking: 4.5 miles
bike:  6.5 miles

walking:  4 miles
bike:  6 miles

walking:  3.5 miles
bike:  6.5 miles

walking:  5 miles
bike:  9.2 miles

walking: 2 miles
T:  lots and lots of miles (I rode for about 4-5 hours, while write a play for the T Plays--a bunch of plays that take place on the T (I even wrote mine on the T)).  They open this Wednesday, produced by the Mill 6 Theatre Collaborative at the Factory Theatre in Boston.
bike:  8 miles

walking:  1 mile  (It was Father's Day, so I didn't have to walk the dog as much).
bike:  12 miles

walking:  23.5 miles
bike:  55 miles
T: 4-5 hours
Car:  0 miles

This was not a typical week for me.  Normally, I'd walk a bit more and ride my bike a lot less.  (I think I usually walk about 30 miles a week and bike about 5-10 miles, but I'm not sure.)  And I'd ride the T a little more.   But I was doing research on book at a library at Harvard and also had rehearsals and read-throughs of my T play, and I got to all of that by bike.  If we'd had a car, I would have driven for at least half of the bike miles, and maybe a few of the walking miles.

It might be worth doing this for a while, just to see how it goes.  I can definitely see that I'm getting plenty of exercise.  (No wonder I fall asleep so easily.)

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