Saturday, February 13, 2010

Progress Report: February

So far, the winter without a car has been going remarkably well.  Part of that probably has to do with the snow drought that we've had since the start of January.  We were supposed to get a big storm this week, but it completely fizzled.  This has meant that it's been easy to keep grocery shopping by bicycle (and trailer) which I adore.  And Tracy's been able to commute to work by bicycle nearly every day so far this winter.  In the past, I always avoided riding in the wintertime at all, even when the roads were dry and clear.  But now it seems absolutely normal.

The cold of winter seems to have much less impact on my ability to get around by bike than I expected. It's pretty easy to bundle up.  It's only the wind that can be a bit of a pain, and that hasn't been a huge factor so far.

I just don't find myself thinking, "Oh, if only we had the car," very often, if at all. Even when I have meetings at night, I don't mind riding my bike, even on cold nights, especially since most are within 1-2 miles of home.  Many errands are just as fast to perform by bike as by car.  And I still love getting the exercise, though if I end up walking 4-5 miles a day (my normal day) and also add another few miles of bike riding (6 miles, if I got to MIT and back), I'm pretty tired by the time the evening rolls around.

Soon, I hope to get around to tallying up how much we've spent on transportation since we've been rid of the car and see how much we've saved (if at all).  Our bike expenses have dwindled lately, now that we're mostly geared up, and we've rented Zipcars a bit less than I'd expected.  So I think we're saving some money, as well as gaining many other benefits besides.


  1. Patrick and Tracy,

    I finally got a chance to read this blog. It's great! Very well done.

    This is about the time of year when I find that not owning a car starts to feel pretty way would I want to be cooped up in a car in such gorgeous weather! Enjoy!


  2. Thanks, Allison. We feel just like you about the spring time--perfect riding weather!